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We have been undertaking difficult projects since 2006 and aiming to continually improve ourselves. We were here yesterday, and we're here tomorrow. We build sound and sustainable relationships with our employees, our customers, our suppliers and all our stakeholders. Our turnover creates 80% of our work with our customers we have worked with before. Experienced Engineering Power & Strategic Human Resource Management We are committed to provide solutions to your projects with our dedicated, ethical and solution focused engineer team. 60% of our engineer staff consists 10 years and more experinced experts. We choose our project management teams from our experienced staff at Electra Engineering, and we aim to make every project benefit from the full knowledge of Electra Engineering.

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Established Date: 2006  Tax Office: Çekirge  Tax Number: 3310535050  Staff Count: 1-5  Export Specialist: Ferdun SEN